Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme

Black Sea - Unity and Diversity in the Roman Antiquity

Overall objectives

  1. Creation of a network of research, cultural and administrative institutions for long term promotion of the exchange of scientific and cultural values in the Black Sea Basin;
  2. Integrate and joint promotion of the movable and immovable cultural heritage dated to the Roman epoch of the Black Sea Basin regions;
  3. Raising awareness and responsibility of the local communities and authorities regarding the necessity of the protection, conservation and valorization of the cultural heritage – inheritance of the Roman Antiquity.

Specific objectives

  1. Achievement of a permanent exchange of experience between scientific, cultural, administrative institutions for the purpose of knowing, protecting and promoting the archeological heritage by joint actions;
  2. Creating a transnational body — the Association “Center for Roman Archeological Heritage Studies in the Black Sea” active in the long term — starting from the identification of the joint cultural heritage.
  3. Pointing out the cultural diversity of the Black Sea Basin regions during the Roman epoch as a model of integration vs. globalization;
  4. Creating thematic itineraries — of Roman archeology — in the Black Sea Basin;
  5. Consolidation of the regional identity, through joint actions with the involvement of scientific, cultural institutions, cultural tourism operators and local authorities in the Black Sea Basin;
  6. Creation — within the young generation — of a pro patrimonio attitude;
  7. Raising awareness of the decision makers at the administrative level as for the necessity of protecting and valorizing the cultural heritage;
  8. Creating a model of good practices in the protection and promotion of the cultural heritage dated to the Roman epoch of the circumpontic area.

Final Beneficiaries




The BSUDRA project started from the identification of the component of the joint cultural inheritance– the Roman historical and archeological heritage – , which represents the fundament of this cultural and educational initiative meant and implemented in cooperation with partners from the Black Sea coast countries.


The novelty and relevance of the project for the Black Sea Basin consist in the fact that, this time, a local public authority acknowledges the need and importance of knowing the historic past and the cultural heritage of the Black Sea Basin countries as a basis for the integrate promotion of such values. This public authority manages to bring together institutions involved in the fields of research, conservation and management of cultural heritage, and also in the education and shaping the competences in this direction of the young generation, of all countries eligible in the project, in a joint action, of knowledge and valorization of the Roman heritage.


The Roman heritage is thus concerned both as cultural, identity value, component of the historic inheritance of each people in the Black Sea area, but also as value creating value, by the valorization of such heritage by means of cultural tourism.


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