Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme

Black Sea - Unity and Diversity in the Roman Antiquity

Ukraine, Crimea, Simferopol, The Crimean Branch of Institute of Archeology



This establishment was found in Simferopol 1948. In Branch there is a scientific library, the general fund of that counts 30000 books and 4000 units of magazines. There is also a scientific archive, where is currently under 2000 documents. Among them reports on the field researches on territories of Crimea from 1933 to 2013 and field materials of expeditions.


The Crimean branch of Institute of Archaeology consists of 3 departments: Prehistory Archaeology, Greco-barbarian Archaeology, Medieval Archaeology.


Range of problems of scientific researches of the Crimean branch aimed at research of sights of archaeology and history of population of the Crimean peninsula from the oldest times to the end of XVIII century. The subjects of the department of Prehistory Archaeology, created in 1996, embrace time from a middle paleolith to Epoch of Final Bronze. 




The department of Greco-barbarian Archaeology develops the problems of history and archaeology of early Iron Age. Basic directions of scientific researches of department are: stowage of electronic database to the archaeological map of Crimea in early Iron Age; Tauros and Scythian cultures of Crimea in  VII-III centuries B.C.; forming and development of Chersoneses state and Kerkinitida, policies of  Teodosia and Kimmeric; research of socio-economic and etno-politic processes in Taurica in the late Hellenistic period and first centuries of our era; becoming and development of Crimean Scythia; social stratification of population of Eastern Europe; problems of chronology of mass archaeological material, fortification, architecture and housing building of the Greek and barbarian settler structures and ceremony of burial place.


The subjects of department of Medieval Archaeology embrace a period from early middle ages (V-VI century) for XVIII century inclusive. Particular, it develops the different aspects of archaeology and history of Crimea. 

About 600 monuments of different epochs since the primitive times to the Late Middle Ages had been studied for the whole period of functioning. Expeditionary activity of the Crimean branch embraces all territory of peninsula. On the base of Branch over 20 expeditions were organized in Crimea.

About 100 monographs and collections of works, several thousand articles, popular science series Archaeological monuments of the Crimea consist of  fifteen books that had  been published by our collaborators during the time of our organization functioning.