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Black Sea - Unity and Diversity in the Roman Antiquity


Turkey, Sinop Special Provincial Administration



The duties and powers of Sinop Special Pro-vincial Administration (referred below as “the institution”) are defined by the Law on the Special Provincial Administrations, as being of two cate-gories, that is intra-provincial and exceeding the municipal boundaries.


Among the intra-provincial duties of the institution, the law specifies: to provide sport facilities to the young, to take precautions for public health, to help people in villages to undertake agricultural activities, to prepare the provincial environmental plan, to organize seminars on soil protection and erosion, to promote culture and art so to increase the awareness of the community, to search and identify poor families to provide them with the due financial support, to build schools and assure their maintenance as well.     


Moreover, some of the duties exceed the municipal boundaries. The institution builds roads and supplies water for people. It assures the sewerage system, the solid waste management, the construction of the related facilities or the identification of the best place for it. If a state of emergency occurs anywhere, it organizes its teams and leads them to the scene. One of its most important duties is to supply forest villages with whatever they might need.

The institution is directed by the Governor, under him being the General Secretary, the Provincial Council, the Provincial Committee and the other departments.

Among these departments, mention should be made of the European Union Projects Coordination Center, which was founded in 2009.